What are the Advantages of Copyright? Here’s a low-down


Why should the holder of original work go in for copyright registration? Here are some of the reasons why Activities like writing a book, making a movie, creating a song or writing a book need a lot of energy and resources. A writer can spend years on one book, and a movie maker may spend […]

A Dash of IPR in our everyday lives


There’s intellectual property behind almost every product and service we use in our everyday lives Intellectual property rights (IPR) IPR play a crucial role in our daily lives. There isn’t a product that we encounter every day that has an IP protection. Your morning cup of coffee to the air-conditioning system at work or that […]

5 things to know about IPRs and its effects in the world

5 things to know about IPRs and its effects in the world

How does the protection of intellectual property rights affect India and the world? The world has transformed into a global village, as goods and services move seamless across borders. Companies and organisations are becoming more and more multinational, with production and research centres spread across many countries. What is the impact of globalisation on intellectual […]

Prospects and Opportunities In The Field Of Intellectual Property Law


Intellectual Property is defined as any creation of the mind that is new, innovative and can be deemed an invention, literary work, design, symbol, etc. The inventor has the right to file for intellectual property rights to avail sole proprietorship, financial monopoly and leverage over the creation. IP is a field that is growing exponentially […]