Prospects and Opportunities In The Field Of Intellectual Property Law


Intellectual Property is defined as any creation of the mind that is new, innovative and can be deemed an invention, literary work, design, symbol, etc. The inventor has the right to file for intellectual property rights to avail sole proprietorship, financial monopoly and leverage over the creation. IP is a field that is growing exponentially […]

Innovation Vs Invention and Their Role in IP And Technology


In today’s thriving and competitive market, innovation and IPR go hand in hand When it comes to businesses, technological innovation serves as the foremost detriment of success for the performance of a firm, making one business stand out from the other. Every business aims to better its competition to thrive in today’s economic conditions. Innovation […]

The Need to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Ever wondered what happens if your IP isn’t protected? This article will give you all the answers When something new and innovative is created, the inventor has the right to protect it. Inventors can register their creations as intellectual properties by filing for an IP that enables them to avail sole monopoly over their creations. […]

Understanding the Significance of Blockchain Technology in The Field Of IPR

Block-chain impact on intellectual property is such that it has the ability to safeguard cryptocurrencies. This has led to many patents being filed. Like Money, Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual or digital currency, that works as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin and Ethereum are some of the more popular cryptocurrencies today, and although they […]

A Guide on Intellectual Property Law and Outer Space

IP rights governing advancements in space technology are being brought forward only recently as these developments are increasingly becoming a private, commercial affair The outer space was out of the reach for humankind for the longest time, but in the last 75 years, space exploration has become somewhat familiar. In October 1957, Russia became the […]

The Role of IPR In the Entertainment Industry

When it comes to the entertainment industry – intellectual property rights, specifically copyrights and trademarks, come into play, and it’s essential to understand why. The entertainment industry in India is regarded as one of the largest in the world, producing approximately 1,500-2,000 films each year, in over 20 different languages. Every movie has a different […]