Benefits of IPR : More than
one reason
why you should go for IPTSE

Every Creation

Below are some key benefits of IPR

Every creation

requires time, energy and effort.

But no matter what the investment or time, Intellectual Property is vital for safeguarding your creation, however big or small. IPTSE seeks to generate awareness about Intellectual Property and benefits of IPR among students and young working professionals. Further, it also aims to promote a creative mindset amongst individuals. From those still studying to those who have begun their professional journeys, everyone can benefit from the exam as well as the course curriculum.


With time, there is an increasing focus on innovation, research and creation. Considering that the creative and innovative spirit is exceedingly high among school and university students, experts believe that students should have the basic knowledge about Intellectual Property to know their rights. Apart from the many IPR benefits, students can learn ways to safeguard their creations. This will give them a competitive edge and better clarity as they go forward in their lives.


We are witnessing a rapid pace of technological, scientific and medical innovation in today’s world. Hence, it is extremely crucial for law students to understand the benefits of IPR and develop a wider perspective and have an in-depth knowledge in Intellectual property that will give them a solid grounding in the legislative practice & procedure related to copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs, etc.


One of the most significant benefits of IPR is that it helps researchers in protecting and managing their research results better. In fact, it is essential to know the rights related to the authorship of any research publication, or even the correct ways to protect their R&D innovations. Since the field of research is rather open to more than one person/party landing on the same piece of information, it becomes extremely important to register your copyright as soon as possible. Having the right expertise on Intellectual Property will help you protect your research and safeguard your handwork and efforts.


Most graphic designers have a hard time protecting their own creations. Besides, the real challenge lies in distinguishing whether someone has drawn inspiration from their creativity or simply plagiarized it. Hence, if you are a professional designer, the advantages of IPR are immense. Understanding your rights is extremely essential. Whether or not you can legally include a symbol or a logo in your artwork, you should be able to judge and draw those lines basis your understanding.


There is no limit to the amount of creativity involved in the media and mass communication industry. With more and more new players in the field, the advantages of IPR have come out loud and clear in the media sector. Whether it’s an important story you developed and cracked or a campaign you worked on, the chances of the same getting copied are rather high. Knowing what falls under the purview of someone’s rights, and what doesn’t, will help you traverse your field effectively. Which is why, it is imperative that the media professionals of today are always on top of copyright and trademark related laws to get an edge in the professional world.