Understanding IP Jurisdiction

Understanding IP Jurisdiction

Introduction The jurisdiction of a court depends on its relevant area, geographical location of the court, the monetary worth and subject matter. Each of these factors is independently considered for a court to have jurisdiction. As stated in the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, a Court in India may have jurisdiction over a […]

Online Teaching

Online Teaching

In wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which witnessed the collapse of the whole classroom-based educational system, a shutdown of all the academic colleges and universities; that is when online teaching rose to the occasion as a panacea. As education moved to the online mode of teaching, the next major challenge was the question of the […]

Scrapping of IPAB


Recently, the Union Finance Minister introduced a new draft bill in the Lok Sabha which proposes to shut down the Country’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board (hereinafter IPAB). The said bill proposes to transfer the powers of IPAB to the High Court with regard to patent, trademark, GI, Plant Varieties related issues and to Commercial Courts […]

A Welcome Move Towards Vaccine

A Welcome move towards Vaccine

In 2020, we saw more than 2 million deaths due to the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. As vaccination drives have begun around the world, our hope for a normal life has been restored.. Till then, it is certain that until we develop herd immunity or the virus mutates into an innocuous strain or […]

Patents and Patients


Given that cancer is a deadly disease, cancer research is always a hot topic among researchers. And often research and intellectual property go hand-in-hand. This article deals with the Intellectual Property and its relation with Health Sector and cancer. Indian Patent law has various sections that address Intellectual Property in the Healthcare sector. However, history […]

Compulsory Licensing


A patent grants an exclusive statutory right to the inventor over his invention, whether a product or a process, which provides a new way of doing something or offers a new technical solution to a problem, enabling the patent holder to prevent any other person from using, selling or manufacturing the patented product or process […]

Keeping the secrecy of ‘Trade Secrets’ during this Pandemic ridden era

Trade secrets

In this blog, we would focus on what basically are trade secrets and how this era of pandemic has gradually ignited an iota of doubt among proprietors of these secrets, especially business tycoons, regarding keeping and maintenance of these secrets. Trade secrets are a well-recognized intellectual property explicitly on confidential data, which can either be […]

Role of IP in AI and vice-versa


In the modern world, it is hard to imagine any part of our lives that is untouched by artificial intelligence (AI). For instance, there’s a very good chance you are here because you looked up AI patent on a search engine. That’s a telling example of artificial intelligence sifting through a world of data to […]

All you need to know about cybersquatting and when it is illegal


Let’s say you have started a business and it’s growing. Your business has now garnered public interest and you want to set up a website to further grow your business in the digital space. But alas, the domain name has been taken up by a stranger who is willing to sell it to you at […]

Fluid Trademarks: A Marketing Boon?


Introduction With the quickly developing computerized economy, even brands have begun to push their brand name limits by not only putting their registered trademarks into practice but also advancing them. Such marks, known as “Fluid Trademarks,” have now become a novel way to deal with brand advertising. Fluid Trademarks are varieties of the initially enlisted […]