Want To Patent Your Place As
A Thought Leader?

One of the ways to get ahead is to get an early start. To enable Indian students to achieve this, we are bringing the finishing line closer in the race to a better career path with our IPTSE Youth Leaders program. The program seeks to identify young leaders from across the country who have the potential to carry the IPR torch further and seeks to empower them with the knowledge they need to truly make a mark.

Stand Out From The Crowd
To Make A Real Impact!

IPTSE Youth Leaders will be IPTSE’s representatives on their respective campuses. They will be the single point of contact for all things intellectual property and will be the ones to engage their fellow students in conversation about the same. True to their name, these young people will exemplify leadership qualities that enable them to evangelize the importance of intellectual property – in the context of both their fellow students’ careers as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the professional world. They will have the opportunity to be subject matter experts and spokespeople within their own peer group.

Here's How IPTSE Can Give
Your Career A Boost

Even before your step into the corporate arena, being an IPTSE Youth Leader can ensure that you have an added advantage when it comes to meeting your career goals. Yes, this is true for even those who don’t plan to go into the legal field! IPR intersects with almost every walk of life. Hence, being a certified expert on it who has represented their institution on a national stage can do wonders for your resume. Want to receive a work experience certificate from a globally renowned company? Then hurry, sign up!

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