Youth Leaders
Batch of 2022

Introducing the students who are championing IP in their daily lives!
Here's Batch of 2022

Rhea Gupta

Rhea Gupta

Hi! I am Rhea Gupta, currently enrolled as a management student in Delhi University.

I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of the IPTSE team as a Youth Leader as it provides me with a platform to share my knowledge regarding intellectual property and create awareness among students at all levels across the country.

Dakshita Dhawan

Greetings, This is Dakshita Dhawan, a student of B.Pharmacy (2nd Year), LPU

I consider myself a spear-headed woman with a creative and artistic approach, which are supported by the pillars of righteousness and other integral values. I'd like to put forth these values that I bring along with myself by volunteering as a youth lead in the IPTSE ,in order to raise awareness among my peers. This would also help me to discover various aspects of myself, under the guidance of various esteemed dignitaries.

Vansh Gupta

Vansh Gupta

Hi! I am Vansh Gupta, a commerce student from Indraprastha University

As a commerce student, I realize the importance of Intellectual Property in our lives and would like to spread awareness for the same through the IPTSE platform. I believe that as a youth leader, I would have the ability to inform my peers and the younger students about the importance of protecting their own innovations and creations.

Pallavi Bhatia

Hi, I am Pallavi Bhatia, a student of RGSOIPL, IIT Kharagpur

I believe IPR is a techno legal subject and requires the passion for both law and technology. I am glad to be part of IPTSE. Intellectual property is the fuel which is necessary to drive the engine of economy and IPTSE has been doing a great job in encouraging young minds to develop a strong knowledge about intellectual property and its role in the present times. I highly recommend young students and professionals to participate in IPTSE and dive in the ocean of IP knowledge.

Pallavi Bhatia

Batch of 2020

Shivani Sheldenkar

Hello, I’m Shivani. I’m currently enrolled as a law student.

In my academic career, I learned how important it is to be an effective leader and one of the best ways to do it is by establishing close connections with fellow students. And now as a Youth Leader, I'll be able to connect to a larger audience and gain skills and knowledge necessary to pursue education reform and community activities. I’m excited to raise IP awareness through this program!

Rudrabhishek Chauhan

Hi! I am Rudrabhishek Chauhan, currently enrolled in Law school.

Appearing for the IPTSE in 2019 was new to me but after I took it I became very interested in IP for my future. I fared well in the examination and wish to pursue IP as a career. With my strong interest in management as well, IP would definitely help me in the future.

Roshni Ravi

Hola! I’m R. Roshni and I am currently pursuing Doctor of Pharmacy.

Since I love to learn new things, I decided to participate as an IPTSE Youth Leader! I believe IP helps creators gain recognition for their inventions. There is a saying in Tamil- "Ulaginthalasiradha sol- Seyal", which means the world's best verb is action. I look forward to raising IP awareness among my peers!

Likhit Akotkar

Hello! I am Likhit Akotkar, a student of Pharmacy.

I believe that IP protection is critical to fostering innovation. The youth of our nation, possess some great and novel ideas, but usually their knowledge falls short on how to protect them. My role as a Youth Leader would be raising awareness from A to Z on IP! As a future pharmacologist I hope to develop novel approaches and models in my field.

Vitthal Salve

Hi! I am Vitthal Salve, a final year B.Tech student.

As an engineering student, I know that knowledge of IP is critical in this field! IP helps protect our ideas but also promotes development and licensing in various industries. My role as a Youth leader helps me learn and network with innovators, students and other like-minded people.

Sayan Chandra

Hey, I’m Sayan! I’m currently pursuing a B.Sc.LLB,

My love for IPR and Technology comes very naturally. As a Youth Leader, I wish to explore IP as a tool for sustainable development. I also aspire to be a writer and hence the value of IP is something to intrinsic to me!

Abhishek Yadav

Hi! I’m Abhishek Yadav, I secured AIR 1 (School Category) at IPTSE 2.0.

I aspire to be a designer one day. My role as a Youth Leader helps me inform my peers about IP and its importance. A better understanding about IP will definitely help me to become a more informed designer and will help me protect my creations.

Lakshya Karkera

Hi! My name is Lakshya Karkera.

After a successful stint with IPTSE (IP Olympiad) last year, where I secured AIR 1, the next step was undoubtedly the Youth Leader Program. As a Youth Leader, I’m excited to interact with Industry experts and share information about IP in everyday life!

Sukarm Sharma

Hi, I'm Sukarm! IPTSE 2.0 AIR 2 in the School Category.

I'm an aspiring law student. As Intellectual Property Rights is the fastest growing legal field, I'm of the opinion that without strong IPRs, the incentive to innovate would be diminished, which is why it’s essential to our society.

Shubham Maurya

Hi! I’m Shubham, a student of management studies.

I aspire to become a software project manager. In my view, IP not only helps in protecting innovations but also helps your ideas stand out, with proper licensing.

Aniket Vaid

Hi, I’m Aniket Vaid,

Through the Youth Leader Program, I wish to create awareness around Intellectual Property and promote tools used to protect ideas and innovations. In today’s world, where everything around us is linked to technology and innovation, knowledge of IP is essential.

Tejaswini NM

Hi, my name is Tejaswini NM. I’m a Biotech engineer currently enrolled in law school.

A final year student, I am passionate about environmental and social outreach. My role as a youth leader helps me generate awareness about idea protection and IP management. One day I aspire to have my own IP firm or academy to create the necessary awareness amongst all creators.

Poornima Gupta

Hey! I’m Poornima Gupta, currently studying management.

I was first introduced to IPR while in school, which is when I appeared for the IPTSE. As a part of the Youth Leader program, I hope to reach as many people as possible, to spread awareness about one’s IP rights.

Oishee Chakraborty

Hi! I’m Oishee Chakraborty, a 3rd year Leather Design student at NIFT.

Knowledge and awareness of intellectual property rights is crucial in a creative field like mine. I’m super excited and grateful to be a part of this great initiative by Ericsson and ASSOCHAM!

Kunal Keshav

Hello! I’m Kunal, currently studying to be a marine engineer

I first learned about intellectual property rights in 2018, while preparing for IPTSE. People often assume that IPRs are only meant for artists, but it is equally important to someone making either a case study or a vlog. IP knowledge is critical in today’s world.

Riya Aggarwal

Hey! I’m Riya Aggarwal, currently enrolled in law school.

Over the course of my internships, I became interested in IP and have also drafted IP agreements. I’m extremely interested in enhancing my knowledge about intellectual property as I am keen to pursue media and entertainment law. I’m sure IPTSE will be a great way to gain an insight into IP law and its future in India.

Aditi Jaiswal

Hey! I’m Aditi Jaiswal, a 4th year law student.

Intellectual property rights have been my favourite area of study and I have been exploring this space since law school began. Through the Youth Leaders program, I will not only raise awareness about IPR but will also give my legal career a boost.

Sreya Suresh

Hi! I'm Sreya Suresh, a 5th Year Pharm.D student.

As someone who is passionate about research, I wholeheartedly believe that knowing about intellectual property rights is absolutely crucial. Through the Youth Leader program, I hope to not only improve my own IP knowledge, but also help others learn about their rights.

Sreya Suresh