A Word From
The IPR Community


The course content for IPTSE has given me an in-depth understanding and an unparallelled insight into the world of IP. Being a law sudent, it has suppliemented my syllabus to a great extent. Besides, it's a great boost to my career too!

Pragya Sharma

Nirma University

From learning the basics of Intellectual Property to understanding how useful it is to protect and safeguard our rights- the course content for the IPTSE exam has taught me all! The materials and mock tests are indeed very useful. I shall be grateful to IPTSE for giving me this opportunity.

Anjali Muthyam

Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute of Technology



The IPTSE course content cleared all my facts and concepts about Intellectual Property. Now, I am aware of the secrets behind the success of big brands, and the role IP plays in it. The mock exam indeed helped me better my knowledge and motivated me to dig deeper!

Abhishek Yadav

Vidyagyan School

For an effective and inclusive career development, it is important that young minds are sensitized towards developing innovations that are globally acceptable. Intellectual Property, being an intangible asset finds no boundaries and helps in inclusive growth. Teachers are encouraged to learn and disseminate importance of
Intellectual Property.

Aditya Tibrewal

St Xavier's Colllege



Taking the exam was the best decision ever as I came to know all about the importance and relevance of this course after it. Moreover, the course content is extremely easy to understand and interesting to read!

Challa Likhitha

SRIT Anantapur