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Launched in July 2018, IPTSE or Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination is an IP Talent Search Exam. It has been conceptualized and administered by IPTSE Academy and has received support from many organizations who believe in knowledge economy & believe in the role that IP plays in inclusive growth.
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  • University Students
  • Working Professionals
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Download our app to access exam IP content in your Mobile Phone. Everything from the course progress to updates on webinars. Everything is available on your fingertip. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring our comprehensive study materials and expertly crafted resources. From patent law to trademark regulations, IPTSE app has it all, empowering you to master the intricacies of intellectual property with ease.

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Why YOU need to take the Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination!

Launched in July 2018, IPTSE, or Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination is an annual nation wide exam which tests the knowledge of individuals in various aspects of IPR. It has been conceptualized and administered by IPTSE Academy and has received tremendous support from many organizations that believe in knowledge economy such as ERICSSON.


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Our Aim

Primary Aim
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Our Primary Aim

The primary aim of IPTSE is to establish how intellectual property is a true reflection of innovations and expressions. This annual IPTSE exam was first conducted in the year 2018, and since, has been taking place once every year. The study materials for IPTSE are designed and developed as per the needs and requirements of its audience.
Awareness AIM
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Creating Awareness

Considering the global and national importance of Intellectual Property, schools & universities, can also create awareness among their students and encourage them to register and participate in the examination.
Awarding Criteria
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The Awarding Criteria

Basis the score obtained by the students in the exam, they are rewarded with Certificates / Trophies and Exciting prizes.
Students Registered
More than a 30,000 students have registered for this prestigious exam and this exam has kickstarted their career in the IP field.
Years of experience
Apart from hosting this exam for more than 5 years, IP experts to who provide knowledge on IPR by way of Seminars / Webinars.


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  • What is the Ranking Criteria?
    Filter 1: No. of Correct Answers Filter 2: Time taken to attempt all questions Filter 3: Percentage of Course Material read
  • I feel I received Less marks. Could that be the case?
    There is no human interface in checking the paper. It’s AI enabled and fully automated and hence no chance of any prejudice. There is no room for inadvertent error.
  • When will I know about my Rank Holding?
    You will know about your ranking during IPTSE Conclave and IPTSE award ceremony. Keep tab on your email to receive updates in this regard.
  • Will I get a detailed analysis of my exam paper?
    Its an All India Exam that witness participation in thousands from individuals/working professionals/start ups/School and University students. Getting a detailed analysis of exam paper is currently not possible. There is no…
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