A Word From
The IPR Community


ASSOCHAM considers the optimization of protection and management of IPRs and timeliness to be amongst the priority goals for improvement of the Indian Eco System. The prime objective of the IPTSE (IP Olympiad) is to encourage young people’s interest in intellectual property issues and motivate them for innovative search and development of prospective projects and facilitating their commercialization.

Shri Sandeep Jajodia

Ex. President ASSOCHAM and Chairman, Monnet Group

I am delighted to comment on this Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination (IPTSE) which I find very helpful and apt for India’s current business scenario. As Indian companies compete in global business environment- IP is getting more and more attention, not only in large corporations but also amongst SMEs and Start-ups. The exam being offered through this IPTSE (IP Olympiad) is in line with Indian government vision and I am sure they would not only be useful for IP professionals to further their skills but also for students who want to be part of the growing IP ecosystem in India.

Mrs. Sushma Paul Berila

Chairperson ASSOCHAM Economic Affairs Council & President, Appejay Stya & Svran Group



Understanding the importance of Intellectual Property Rights at a young age can be a catalyst for economic growth of any country in today’s knowledge based economy, including India. There are plenty of proof points that show how IP contributes to a country’s GDP, by boosting an innovation culture and the development of science and technology, generating employment in industries with strong IP systems.

Monica Magnusson

Vice President of IPR Policy

For an effective and inclusive career development, it is important that young minds are sensitized towards developing innovations that are globally acceptable. Intellectual Property, being an intangible asset finds no boundaries and helps in inclusive growth. Teachers are encouraged to learn and disseminate importance of
Intellectual Property.

Dr. Sheetal Chopra

Course Director