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In recent times, Intellectual Property (IP) has grown from merely being a limited specialized legal field to a reckoning force that now impacts social and economic life. IP-protected innovations and assets are increasingly gaining corporate value as they improve competition and allow for the creation of new and improved products or technology. The increasing relevance of IP in all spheres underscores its importance. It is imperative to create a culture of ‘know your rights’ and ‘respect other’s rights’ at the grass root level itself and, hence the need to provide this knowledge in schools and colleges.
Rightly so, inclusion of IP in the school curriculum found a significant place in the Government’s vision enshrined in its National IP Policy. It is heartening that IPTSE has taken this vision forward by providing students with this platform to familiarize themselves with IP laws and to hone their knowledge. IPTSE’s well-researched curriculum and examination pattern will surely stimulate the creation of an innovative environment, spurring the growth of an economy which fosters a system of protection to provide equitable benefits for both owners and users of IP ultimately leading to economic growth. I wish IPSTE and the students, the very best of luck and encourage their journey in creating an IP erudite culture.”

Viji Malkani



India needs to encourage and support risk-taking innovators in science and technology, now more than ever. We should not see change as a threat, but as an opportunity. Innovators and technology creators are made, not born, by inspiration and mentorship, like the one IPTSE offers. Since the best way to deconstruct the future is to invent it, let's ensure that India finds, prepares and promotes the best IP enthusiasts in the country.

Professor (Dr) Ashish Bharadwaj,

Dean, Jindal School of Banking & Finance, O.P. Jindal Global University


Technology delivers enormous value to society and is currently instrumental in leading the economic recovery from the pandemic. With its large young talent pool, India can make a difference globally and lead the future. Patents are crucial to bridge the technological gap and a strong IP regime drives innovation. It is heartening to see a program like IPTSE seeking to shape young minds early, about the significance of IP. This would not only provide students with an advantage to further their careers but actively promote a culture of innovation for new India.

Arvind Thakur

Member, Board of Management
NIIT University
Past Chairman, CII National Committee on IPR (2019-20)

Innovation is central to human growth and Intellectual Property is its cornerstone. To foster a culture that promotes innovation and respects IP, it is important that young, bright and inquisitive minds have an opportunity to learn the ways in which IP works. IPTSE is a commendable initiative towards this end and will help learners gain sound knowledge of the subject and will help them grow as IP leaders of tomorrow.

Yogesh Pai

Assistant Professor, Coordinator, DPIIT IPR Chair and Co-director
Centre for Innovation, IP and Competition, National Law University Delhi.



I stumbled upon IPR by sheer luck and it has to be the most apt coincidence of my life. Intellectual property is so vast that I don't think anyone can ever get bored of it. The course content of IPTSE is so relevant that not only students but even business professionals can partake in the examination. With the world moving towards digitalization every second, I say it's a skill that everyone must acquire.


Associate at Jade Lex Partners

Enterprise, being the prime mover of both the economy and its stakeholders, has to be competitive on one hand, and substantially profitable on the other, for the sake of its own growth. Other resources like money, raw materials and machinery being equal, IPR, the innovation and its formal protection, gives an enterprise a competitive advantage with much higher profitability. That makes IPR one of the most valuable assets for the enterprise. Since the Government of India is proactively working on these lines and obviously, India will need many more professional experts on intellectual property rights than those present, IPTSE is an exam which is creating excellent awareness among aspiring students who are willing to step into this field. A well-designed curriculum with a foresight of covering all major aspects of IP, it will be a great success and I wish it does.

Ashok Shukla

Group CEO, S.P.A. Associates



The vision of the Indian government is to strengthen the innovation ecosystem, especially in HEIs. Students are involved in creative and innovative work in institutes but there is a need for IP literacy & awareness. At Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore (M.P.), we have motivated students to appear for the Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination (IPTSE), an IP Olympiad, to gain awareness on how to protect new ideas, research and innovation via IP filings. I am sure this initiative will help in creating an IP filing ecosystem in educational institutions.

Rakhi Khabiya

Asst. Prof and Innovation Ambassador,
Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

I am overjoyed to see the relentless effort put forth by the IPTSE team. IPTSE is a one-of-its kind, virtual proctored, competitive IP Examination, that holds great potential in generating talent for the country in the realm of IP. I wish the very best to IPTSE and the entire team.

Rohan Mitra

Head - Government Relations, Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd



Intellectual Property shall be the bedrock in this new age of innovation. I am happy to see that the Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination (IPTSE) has grown to become a means to improve the overall IP Awareness of the students of India. Armed with the knowledge of Intellectual Property through the IPTSE coursework, the leaders of tomorrow will surely play a pivotal role in realizing the aspirations of our nation.

Aman Sinha

Senior Engineer - Intellectual Property Services, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solution

India is a country with the fastest growing economy. Innovations are the key to such growth. The IPTSE is a very good initiative to promote intellectual property rights among students, who are the future of the country. We wish the team the very best and hope for a grand success of the initiative.

Dr. Runjhun

Head -Intellectual Property Rights, Lovely Professional University



IP is a new-age currency in today's knowledge-based economy and vital for our country's industrial development. India needs a highly skilled IP workforce, who is learned enough to facilitate the innovation journey. IPTSE, which is a proposed IP examination, is a great initiative that is contributing to the country's growth story towards churning out IP literate individuals. I would suggest educational institutes to encourage students to participate in this IP competitive Examination.

Dr. W M Dhumane

IPR Chair, MNLU, Ex Sr Joint Controller of Patents & Designs

India is pushing to be a knowledge-based economy. That being the case, creations & innovations are going to play a seminal role in shaping the economy; they represent intellectual property. With intellectual property coming into the picture, the role of intellectual property protectors & managers also becomes important. IPTSE is an immensely useful platform to hone the skills of intellectual property creators & protectors. This examination is certainly going to give an edge to people in the domain of intellectual property. The curriculum is well-researched and insightful. I wish the examination great success in the future.

Saurabh Bindal

Associate Partner, Desai & Diwanji



ASSOCHAM considers the optimization of protection and management of IPRs and timeliness to be amongst the priority goals for improvement of the Indian Eco System. The prime objective of the IPTSE is to encourage young people’s interest in intellectual property issues and motivate them for innovative search and development of prospective projects and facilitating their commercialization.

Shri Sandeep Jajodia

Ex. President ASSOCHAM and Chairman, Monnet Group

I am delighted to comment on this Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination (IPTSE) which I find very helpful and apt for India’s current business scenario. As Indian companies compete in global business environment- IP is getting more and more attention, not only in large corporations but also amongst SMEs and Start-ups. The exam being offered through this IPTSE is in line with Indian government vision and I am sure they would not only be useful for IP professionals to further their skills but also for students who want to be part of the growing IP ecosystem in India.

Mrs. Sushma Paul Berila

Chairperson ASSOCHAM Economic Affairs Council & President, Appejay Stya & Svran Group



Understanding the importance of Intellectual Property Rights at a young age can be a catalyst for economic growth of any country in today’s knowledge based economy, including India. There are plenty of proof points that show how IP contributes to a country’s GDP, by boosting an innovation culture and the development of science and technology, generating employment in industries with strong IP systems.

Monica Magnusson

Vice President of IPR Policy

For an effective and inclusive career development, it is important that young minds are sensitized towards developing innovations that are globally acceptable. Intellectual Property, being an intangible asset finds no boundaries and helps in inclusive growth. Teachers are encouraged to learn and disseminate importance of
Intellectual Property.

Dr. Sheetal Chopra

Course Director



There is no better way to ascertain the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) then to look at the surge in innovation and technological development taking place around the globe. For a country like India where there are plenty of young IP enthusiasts, IPTSE (Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination) offers a tailor-made framework for mentorship and knowledge dissemination; one that promises to bring India on the innovation map of the world.

Dr. Manveen Singh

Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University

IPTSE (Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination) is a powerful platform for colleagues to enhance their knowledge and appreciate of IP issues and is kept updated in order to ensure that the content is indicative of the right and core IP issues prevalent in today's time.

Tarun Khurana

IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana