Dr. Sheetal Chopra

Hi, I am Dr. Sheetal Chopra

Director, IPR Policy & Registered Indian Patent,Ericsson India

Dr. Sheetal Chopra is an honorary course advisor for the Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination (IPTSE) program. With over 2 decades of industry experience in Public Policy, Education, Research and Government Affairs, Sheetal is a registered Indian Patent Agent and an author of the book for “Patent Practitioners and Patent Agents” by Notion Press, available on Amazon. Additionally, she has authored the book, “A Story Book of Intellectual Property”, which is available in both English and Hindi.

Sheetal is not only an avid speaker at national and international forums but also holds immense expertise in international trade, advocacy, and policy development both at domestic and international levels. Besides, she assists in design, development, negotiation, consensus-building and implementation of international trade laws and international regulations, apart from regularly sharing her inputs on policy-making for sustainable development of the Indian and international economy. She is also a trainer and guest faculty at various educational institutions.

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