5 things to know about IPRs and its effects in the world

How does the protection of intellectual property rights affect India and the world? The world has transformed into a global village, as goods and services move seamless across borders. Companies and organisations are becoming more and more multinational, with production and research centres spread across many countries. What is the impact of globalisation on intellectual […]

All you need to Know about Patent Laws in India!

All you wanted to know about patent law and didn’t know where to look! A patent is a government guarantee of exclusive use of a product or process for a certain amount of time to its patent holders. In short, when your patent application is accepted, only you will have the exclusive right to make […]

The Importance of having a Patent in your Business!

Indian companies and organizations spend more and more on developing new products and processes, making patents vital. A patent is a statutory right for an invention granted for a limited period of time by the Government, excluding others from making, using, selling or importing the patented product or process without consent. Let’s understand the importance […]

What’s in store – The future of IPR in India

Government initiatives may further the case of IPR protection in India. But there’s a long way to go yet. One of the distinguishing features of a developed country is the strong protection/emphasis given to intellectual property rights. Patents and trademarks are zealously guarded and enjoy the full protection of the law. This is, however, not […]

Intellectual Property Rights: What is the status quo in India?

IPR protection and awareness is still limited in India. This needs to change to foster a culture of innovation. Protection of intellectual property rights is vital to the development of a country. Companies and individuals can spend years and a fortune to develop a product or service that is creative or innovative. All this effort […]