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All the Documents you need to Register Copyrights in India

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Documents Required for Copyright Registration in India

Documents Required for Copyright Registration in India

As an artist, it’s your duty to copyright your work to ensure that it isn’t poached/usurped by someone else

A copyright is a term used in reference to the legal right provided to authors of literary and artistic works such as poets, lyricists, novelist, artists, musicians and playwrights.

Under the Copyright Act of 1957, these individuals can register to copyright their literary and artistic work. Copyright registration provides the proprietor of the work the rights to distribute, reproduce or replicate their work or even authorize other entities to utilise the same, in exchange for a fee. But be aware of the copyright registration process in India and the documents required for copyright registration.

Copyright registration documents

For filing copyright registration, submit documents depending upon the type of copyrightable work. All applicants need to submit the following documents required for copyright registration.

Personal details

Submit personal detail documents, which include proof of identity, address proof and nationality proof documents. In case the applicant and author are two different people; for instance, a lyricist may be hired by a film producer to write songs for a film; then the author’s identity, address and nationality proof documents should also be submitted. Moreover, a document supporting the nature of the applicant’s interest in filing the copyright should also be submitted i.e. if the applicant is also the author or if the applicant is merely the author’s representative.

Original Work

Also, submit the original copies of the works for copyrights.

Documents pertaining to the nature of the work

Another set of documents required for copyright registration are those pertaining to the nature of work. This means documents supporting the class and description of the work that needs to be copyrighted are to be submitted. Provide documents supporting the title of your work and the language in which the work is created. Additionally, provide documents supporting the date of publication if published creations in internal magazines such a company magazines or research papers submitted to the professor or any other authority, which may not be classified as publication.

Category Documentation

Apart from the basic documents required for copyright registration, submit documents as per copyright categorization. These are categorised as the following –

Artistic copyrights

Submit two copies of the artistic works for which copyrights are sought. Also, submit the demand draft (DD) or pay order (PO) of the amount as per the work and quantity of copyrights needed. In case the applicant and artist/publisher are two different entities, the applicant needs to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the artist/publisher. If another person’s photograph is used by the applicant or artist in their creations, then the latter must obtain the NOC from the former.

Cinematographic films or music copyrights

Submit two copies of cinematographic work or music for which copyrights are must and submit the DD or PO of the amount as per the work. Provide a copy of agreement and NOC from the different copyright holders as well as the NOC from the publisher if you are obtaining cinematographic and music rights for a published work.

Copyrights for software

In case of registering copyrights for software, submit two copies of the work and the DD/PO money as per the work. If the author and applicant are two different individuals, obtain the NOC from the author. The NOC should also be obtained from the publisher if the applicant and publisher are two different entities.

Besides the documents required for copyright registration in India, provide a power of attorney document, if you are recruiting an agent to file the copyrights on your behalf. Ensure to read the procedure and documents carefully before beginning the copyrights registration process. The process may sound tedious at first, however the protection offered by copyrights cannot be rivalled.

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